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How to choose the right rooftop tent for your car?

How to choose the right rooftop tent for your car? What are the benefits of rooftop tent versus a traditional ground tent? You are looking for your ideal tent? A standard tent like a 3-person tent is definitely a cheaper tent for your camping Trip. But it has its limitations. For example, you can't cook [...]

How to Choose Tents for Camping

How to Choose Tents for Camping Choosing an outdoor shelter can be tricky and are important to have a great camping experience, so here’s some advice for making sure yours stands out from the crowd. You'll want to look for features like waterproofing, ventilation, storage space, etc. Make sure that it fits all of your [...]

Best 5 Headlamps of 2021

Best 5 Headlamps of 2021. If you're looking for a great way to take your hiking experience up a notch, consider adding a headlamp to your gear bag.   In 1965, Intel co-founder Robert Noyce predicted that computers were destined for an explosive future because they could be made cheaper and faster than ever before. [...]

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The story behind the business of Camping Outdoor Tactical Gear

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For as long as I can remember I was always outside, enjoying nature. Even as a small child, I loved playing outdoors and exploring the woods around my parents’ house more and more. For me there was nothing better than going camping with my father during the holidays and going on long hikes in the wilderness. We would head to the forests in the mountains to see the animals, and we went fishing in the rivers and lakes.

Sale for All type of Camping, Outdoor & Tactical Gears

Every trip was an adventure.There was always something new to discover and often surprises too – sometimes the weather changed suddenly, sometimes the routes we wanted to take were no longer available, or the maps were not entirely accurate – because there was no GPS or internet in those days. Even then, functional clothing and good equipment was of fundamental importance to us. Visiting the nearby camping shop was the highlight of the day. Instead of just filling up the gas bottle, we basically came back with new camping equipment, accessories and a lot of excitement for the next trip. I have to mention the camping trailers here in particular. When we came back from trips, evenings were very relaxed and friendly, enjoying a barbecue with other campers or sitting around the campfire. The camping community is particularly helpful, open, honest, down-to-earth and that’s how we made many friendships on our travels.

We always had a full itinerary with an overnight stay surrounded by nature. In summer, we took the bare minimum in our backpack. In the colder months, we took a tent, sleeping bags, cooking utensils and everything you need to survive a trip in the wilderness and a cosy evening by the campfire.

In the meantime, I had a long break from it, as I had to invest more and more time in my marketing studies, starting a family and a career. But we’re all familiar with the new lifestyle and all its electronic smog the constant stress of being available and our own addiction to the multitude of apps. We need it and we hate it. We go to work in the morning, hang out on the PC for 8 hours, sit in the home office without moving and in the evening we hit the cell phone again.

Camping was my medicine to get away from it again, it’s a way of finding yourself, reconnecting with nature and feel yourself again. “Back to your roots.”

When I put on my hiking boots today and go on day-long, sometimes even week-long trips, I’m often forced to remember my childhood. Today is just one major reason to reset all those addictive toys. Back then people were freer and not so overwhelmed with so much unnecessary distraction, which makes us so eager to escape today. People go out, whether it’s glamping, dyrt camping, eco camping, camping, survival trips, just to a national park (Yellowstone) or to a tactical game. Go camping, switch off and switch on again.

I am firmly convinced that our society needs nature more than ever and that is why I have turned my passion into a job. In my online camping shop you will find everything you need for your outdoor adventure – many tried-and-tested basics as well as innovative and functional items that make outdoor life easier. I, or the guys from our team, have used most of them on many occasions – because that’s ultimately the best test. I learned early on the importance of smart planning and the right equipment, so you can move safely when you’re out in nature and be prepared for any surprises. We make your nature experience a pleasure, leaving you to simply enjoy nature – and yourself.

But first, an important tip:
“Don’t take as much equipment as possible with you on your expeditions, take the most functional!”

Happy Camping – Your Heavy Gear Team

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